The Research Group's Approaches

Our research work –based on a clearly multidisciplinary outlook- aims to position itself as a leading IS research group within Madrid Complutense University. This kind of approach is ambitious as it aims to achieve multiple goals that in fact require a longer time-range. Nevertheless, these are the target areas:

To verify to what extent the Nordic IS model has been affected by the current economic downturn.
To analyse the mechanisms that the Nordic countries have created to counteract the effects of the economic crisis and why these mechanisms contributed to make these countries overcome in better terms the impact of the economic crisis.
To verify how the R&D policies related to IS have been able to redefine and adapt themselves, having in mind that all the Nordic countries –Iceland included, in spite of its financial breakdown- have experienced the effects of the economic crisis in delayed and dampened form.
To verify if the welfare State has been reinforced or weakened as a result of the economic crisis, especially focusing on how technological research centres, public administration and the business world reacted both in the Nordic countries and Spain.
Check likewise how the added challenges of globalization were addressed.
Introduce a gender equality perspective as regards IS, in compliance with the regulations established thereto by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.

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