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Mercedes de Luis Andrés

Curricular profile

Mercedes de Luis Andrés

Mercedes de Luis holds a degree in Journalism, Complutense University.
She lived in Denmark for several years, where she received a research scholarship at the Film and Media Department, Copenhagen University.
She has studied five European languages and was granted as guest researcher at the HC Andersen Institute, Southern Denmark University.
She has published in written press and radio, archeology stories with the newspaper “El Faro de Ceuta”, reportages from Copenhagen for “La Clave” magazine and from the Berlinale, for a radio station in Berlin.
Rewarded article by Café Babel Berlin and granted reportage from the Danish Arts Foundation.
Her work combines academic research with journalistic tools.

URL: Academia
URL: Clippings
e-mail: mercedes.deluis@gmail.com
Twitter: @MercedesdeLuis

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