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Mateo Ballester Rodríguez

Curricular profile

Mateo Ballester Rodríguez

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of the Complutense University of Madrid.
He attained his PhD. in Political Science at the Complutense University, and a Masters Degree in History of Ideas at the University of Oslo.
His research focuses on the study of nationalism and ethnicity, both from a historical perspective and with attention to current problems, particularly in relation to the management and accommodation of diversity in multi-ethnic and plurinational States. In this sense it is worth mentioning his participation with an advisory contract in the research project "Imagined Sovereignties: Frontiers of Statehood and Globalization", organized and financed by the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO).
His other main line of research focuses on political thinking and mentalities in the Early Modern Age, particularly in relation to Spain and Scandinavia.He has given lectures on these issues in various European universities (Sorbonne, Oxford, LSE, La Sapienza, Oslo, Aalesund, Umeå, Jyväskylä, etc.). He has published articles on this topic in specialized publications such as Revista de Estudios Políticos, Historia y Política, Foro Interno y Empresas Políticas.
Mateo Ballester is the autor of the book La identidad española en la Edad Moderna (1556-1665). Discursos, símbolos y mitos (Tecnos, 2010).

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