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Javier Maestro Bäcksbacka

Curricular profile

Javier Maestro Bäcksbacka

Retired as Honorary Professor of the Department of Journalism at Madrid Complutense University.
Graduated in Pollitical Science by the University of Helsinki (Politices Magister) and by Madrid Complutense University.
PhD in Political Science by Madrid Complutense University.
Member of this Complutense University Research Group since 2005 whereby he in 2015 acted as Head of the Research Group.
He has been active organizing and participating in Congresses, Seminars and other Academic Encounters related to Information Society both in Spain and the Nordic Countries.
He is likewise author of books and articles dealing with the relationship between Spain and the Nordic Countries, Contemporary History, History of Political Thought, Spanish-American contemporary relations and studies on globalization.
His main research work, when focusing on the transition from Information Society to Knowledge Society, is to follow the R&D trends both in Spain and the Nordic Countries in a changing and globalized world setting.

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